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Black Church Print Studio

Established in 1982, Black Church Print Studio provides fully equipped facilities for all types of fine art printmaking from traditional to innovative techniques. Approximately two-hundred artists use the workshop yearly through our various access programmes and courses/workshops. Full-time technical and administrative support is available from Mondays through Fridays from 10am–5pm. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Nominated Artists-

Maureen Burke

Maureen Burke, born in Leicester, UK, now living and working in Dublin, completed her Fine Art degree, including a Masters, at IADT. She obtained a PhD in art education from NCAD and has taught art in the Further Education sector for many years. She has exhibited widely over the years, her work has been selected for numerous exhibitions and is held in public and private collections. "Suburban neighbourhoods and large expanses of green spaces are a feature of my current work – I am curious about how I can portray the feelings of structured space, repetition, blandness and sometimes soullessness evoked by urban sprawl. My focus is on over-looked aspects, mundane hedgerows, unnoticed pathways, the familiarity invoked by repetitive unremarkable details. These urban settings can be characterised as liminal, in-between spaces, neither town or countryside - worlds within worlds, mirroring and disturbing what they are not – forcing the mind’s eye to alternative areas/experiences. My work evolves from my visual diary of drawings, photographs and recollections of a particular time and space – everyday experiences such as driving and walking will summon an emotive response and a need to make sense of it through drawing and subsequently printmaking. My drawings are a reference point during the printing process in which I combine copper-plate etching and mono-printing. Frequently, the accidental nature of printmaking, and the quality of line achieved in the process, will ultimately determine the final outcome. "


'There and Not There'


37 x 65cm


'Urban Scape'

Intaglio Etching

37 x 65 cm

Mary A. Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s work creates suggestions of place and object, but also incorporates private sensation and experience. The iconography originates in the everyday, an eclectic gathering of images, daily observations and random things seen, tangled with memory and recall. These ‘new realities’ with their combination of personal narrative, of momentary and fleeting images, are brought together, transformed and communicated through the process of printmaking. The experience of looking is not only based on what is seen with the eye - the immediate sensation of something - but also how personal history, individual understanding and internal thought process alter what is perceived.    Work is influenced by an eclectic mix of things noticed, daily observations, a series of collected images that hold a currency, and things read. "Working intuitively and without a plan, I will work on multiple plates at a time, marks are laid down over ten to twenty plates. Depending on placement, sequence and experience I then begin to print varying the sequence and colour layering them carefully, one plate begins to influence the next and therefore the image as it emerges. A logic or a balance evolves during this extensive proofing process." Her work plays with our perceptions of literal and emotional space, revealing the extent to which we can never be certain of what we know, see or feel. Each work enjoys both a tangible and a subliminal existence. The spaces and silences created in-between remain for the observer to explore.


'Carosel Mountain'

Intaglio Carborundum/Button Polish

53 x 53 cm



Intaglio Carborundum/Button Polish

63 x 53 cm

Interested in purchasing one of these artworks? Please contact the Workshop/Studio directly at the email address above. 
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