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The Royal Society of Painters- Printmakers

The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers is one of the world's premier printmaking organisations. All of the Society's members are practising professional printmakers, elected after a rigorous selection by a panel of their peers. From their home at Bankside Gallery, next to Tate Modern & on the south banks of the Thames, they hold regular exhibitions showcasing the best in contemporary printmaking.

Nominated Artists-

Lisa Chang Lee

Lisa Chang Lee is an artist based in London. She obtained her bachelor degree in fine art from Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing(2006-10) majoring printmaking and a master degree from the Royal College of Art, London (2012-14). She is a visiting lecturer the Royal College of Art in London; council member in the Royal Society of Painter-printmakers. Lisa Chang Lee’s work involves various mediums including moving images, sound, ready made objects, still images as well as, most recently, computer programming to achieve an interactive stage of transmission between the artist and audiences. As she said, time, space and the interactions with the observer are the very material beyond materiality she tends to use. In recent years, her work mainly focus on the liminal stage of human mind, the daily pattern in contemporary social and personal lives and also, in a macro way, the relationship between culture and landscape. Lee has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in recent years including her solo project and performance Serenade of the Woods at the Rattles Collective London(UK); Solo Exhibition Indeterminate Loop at Gingko Space Beijing(China); Unstable Landscape, M100 Contemporary Art Centre(Chile);Her diverse practice was also featured in various events and exhibitions including the thematic exhibition Collective City in Seoul Biennale 2019(Korea); Aesthetica Art Prize 2018. York Art Gallery (2018); Ideals On The Move, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture, Shenzhen, China(2017), etc. Lee is also one of the panel curators of International Printmaking Triennial at China Academy of Art(CAA). Past Exhibitions curated include: Repeat and Spiral, Renke Art Gallery, 2015; Five Trillion Times- Print Future Panel, Museum of CAA, 2018


'Slow Burn'

Screen Print with graphite powders, Hand Painted with acrylic

48 x 72.3cm


33.Lisa Chang Lee 'Soundscape'+No.1+Silkscreen+56×76cm+2018.JPG

'Soundscape of Woodlands'

Screen Print with Metallic Powders

56 x 76 cm


Justin Diggle

Justin Diggle is based in Salt Lake City and teaches Printmaking at the University of Utah (USA). He received his B.A.(Hons) Degree in Fine Art from Bristol Polytechnic, UK, in 1989 and his M.F.A. Degree from Southern Illinois University, USA in 1997. The idea for the print, "A Whale from the Great Salt Lake, Utah", came after reading stories about a man who introduced whales into the Great Salt Lake, Utah. The stories claim that an Englishman, James Wickham, caught 2 whales of the Australian coast in 1875, brought them by boat to San Francisco, and then by train to Salt Lake City. After being released into the Bear River they escaped into the lake, where, for a while, there were reported sightings, before they were finally killed in 1877. This story first appeared in an article in the Utah Enquirer in 1890. It is in fact quite false. There is no record of a James Wickham in this period and even if whales were introduced into the lake, the concentration of salt in the water would be to high for them to survive. The whale in the print was created, as a collage, from photographs taken around Antelope Island, an island in the lake, and elements of the image also reflect parts of the structure of the island. "Bug Drone I". In our increasingly technological society it is becoming common to be spied upon or to spy on others in some way. The myriad forms of surveillance have become commonplace and in particular the use of drones, the use of which informs much of my recent work. To create this laser engraved screenprint I first printed 4 to 5 layers of different colours; each colour printed multiple times. I then engraved the main image (made first as a paper collage and then scanned) into the layers of colour. As the laser burned into the ink, the darker areas of the image burnt deeper and revealed the first layers printed. Screenprints are seen as flat, but the building of multiple layers, and then engraving, creates a tactile surface similar to an etching plate.


'A Whale from the Great Salt Lake, Utah'

Etching and Photo Etching

23.5 x 33 cm.



'Bug Drone I'

Screenprint and Laser Engraving

51 x 61 cm


Interested in purchasing one of these artworks? Please contact the Workshop/Studio directly at the email address above. Prices are for unframed prints.

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