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Print Council of Australia

The Print Council of Australia is the peak body representing and connecting the national communities of printmaking and works on paper. Through publications, commissioned editions, exhibitions and other events we work to foster a greater appreciation of original prints and a knowledge of the history of Australian printmaking amongst our members, collectors and the wider community. Daniel O'Shane works with Canopy Art, an organisation that showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from tropical Far North Queensland, Australia, working in a variety of print mediums to give voice to a multitude of stories. All prints produced in collaboration with Editions Tremblay NFP print studio in Cairns. Canopy Art celebrates Australia’s ancient indigenous cultures and share their unique stories with the world.

Nominated Artists-

Daniel O'Shane

Daniel O’Shane Born 1990, Cairns Kuku Yalanji (Mossman-Cooktown) (father) Kulkagal (central Torres Strait) (father) Miriam Mer (eastern Torres Strait) (mother) Daniel’s strong sense of design and confidence in his patterning is drawn from his indigenous Australian heritage - Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal. The unique fusion of both cultures is exciting and representative of a growing movement in Far North Queensland, Australia. Through his fine carving and elegant image-making, he retells the ancient myths and stories entrusted to him by his elders from Erub Island and observes the unique creatures that inhabit the reefs. Daniel has been the recipient of several prestigious Australian national print awards. His work is held in public and private collections in Australia and internationally. Artist Statement "Aua (Uncle)" In Meuram culture when a young woman is married, she will leave her family to join her husband’s. Upon giving birth, if a boy is born there are protocols to ensure the connection to his mother’s side is not forgotten also preventing close bloodline marriages. Young teenage boys are taught some cultural values from their Aua (mother’s older brother). One example is the boy’s first successful turtle catch (only the Aua can take the boy out for his first turtle). The connection they can have is less sensitive than the relationship between the young boy and his parents and communication can be less emotional, for example; the difference in the tone of the parent’s voice or a facial expression when upset can come across as disappointed and judgmental but the uncle can sound and more encouraging and less judgmental (similar to the western education system where a complete stranger (regarded as a teacher) educates children). This ensures a strong bond between the two families and a closer community.


'Aua (Uncle)'

Vinylcut relief print

 65 x 100 cm,



'Mar Narek (Magical Transformation)'

Relief (vinylcut) print, with handwiping, printed indigo

68 x 50 cm


Rhi Johnson

Dr. Rhi Johnson is a Queensland based artist and educator who works primarily in the fields of Printmaking, Artist Books and Mixed Media art. She is interested in the formation of everyday narratives, and how these can be disrupted or subverted visually. She investigates visual cues that can punctuate an environment, object or space of perceived meaning, and in doing so, may allude to subconscious methods of processing information. In her prints, Rhi creates images that are partially representative of existing spaces, but are modified by memory and individual interpretation. The images are derived from personal experiences of déjà vu, whereby the environments or subjects depicted have triggered a subconscious response – a sense of knowing that is simultaneously withheld from conscious recognition. As such, the subjects and locations shown, and the experiences attached to these, constitute a disruption to conscious, everyday narrative... a momentary subversion of immediate sensory comprehension.

'In Retrospect (Mid)'

Reduction linocut

38 x 38 cm



'The Second Window'

reduction linocut

 28.5 x 40.5cm



Interested in purchasing one of these artworks? Please contact the Workshop/Studio directly at the email address above. Prices are for unframed prints.

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