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Creative Spark Print Studio

Creative Spark Print Studio is a twenty-four-hour access printmaking workshop and visual artists’ resource organisation, committed to providing facilities and opportunities to emerging and established visual artists. The studio is based in Dundalk, Co. Louth. The studio aims to provide membership to creative practitioners from Louth and the border areas. Over the past seven years it has enabled a strong community of printmakers to develop and push their creative practices.

Nominated Artists-

Meilynn Cheung

Meilynn Cheung is an illustrator and printmaker from Northern Ireland. Meilynn’s current work focuses on the characters of old tales, capturing a sense of fun and personality by primarily using traditional printmaking and digital methods. Often sketching and drawing ideas on paper, this is then transferred, onto a digital platform where she manipulates her designs into a final print. Screen printing and Lino are mostly used but, Meilynn has also experienced intaglio and other relief methods. Meilynn often experiments with colour overlays to create depth and textures in her pieces during the printing process. Meilynn is also a keen letterer, experimenting in brush lettering, calligraphy and typographic design. Having graduated from University, she took up a Print Residency with Creative Spark in Dundalk. Here, she explored different techniques in printmaking, but also continued to work on a personal project based on ‘Little Red Cap’ by the Grimm Brothers. Meilynn likes to up keep her creative practice by exploring old and new methods, creating fun creatures and scenes of nature.


'Seven Deadly Sins'

7 colour screen print

297 x 420 mm





297 x 210 mm


Naoimh Larkin

Naoimh Larkin is a hand weaver, who recently has move back to Northern Ireland from Scotland to take part in the artist in residency programme at Creative Spark. After completing her undergraduate degree in Textile Art, at the Belfast School of Art, Naoimh’s desire and passion to continue working in a creative environment enabled her to experience working in a wide range of textile careers, from teaching, working in costume for T. V, Film and Theatre productions to falling in love with weave and working for luxury hand weaving studios in both N. Ireland and Scotland. Gaining part time employment as a hand weaver and design assistant at Araminta Campbells Scottish Designs, Naoimh decided to continue to explore her passion by completing an MFA in Textiles at the Edinburgh college of Art. Initially inspired by the research of Patricia Belford and her Shadow Tissues revival, Naoimh decided to explore other combinations of weave and print. During her MFA experience Naoimh was been able to undertake extensive research in yarns and materials, exploring and developing methods which enable her to combine traditional handweaving with more contemporary screen-printing processes. Her work explores themes of cloth construction, deconstruction and how one can influence the fabrics weight and density through a combination of these weaving and screen-printing techniques. Taking inspiration from light and architecture, Naoimh incorporates the sun-bleached colours of her travels and the shapes and structures from her sketches to create hand woven interior pieces.

Finished peice 2_edited.jpg


Screenprint, weave and foil.

116 x 46 cm (framed)




Screenprint, weave and foil.

46 x 50 cm (framed)


Interested in purchasing one of these artworks? Please contact the Workshop/Studio directly at the email address above. Prices are for unframed prints.

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