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agenda 2021!

Like most exhibitions, imPRESSions was cancelled last year due to the Covid pandemic. Because of the extended lock down and uncertainty about the future, as well as the lack of access to printmaking facilities for many artists, the committee felt unable to proceed with the usual format this year also. However, rather than view this as a negative, we asked ourselves how might this closure be turned around, how might we view it as chance to do something different? Many art shows are going online, but what does the online format afford us that a ‘real’ show would not? How might we put an exhibition together where there were no constraints of space, logistics or major finance? Where ‘virtual’ space is seen as an opportunity?

We saw the challenge as not simply to put an exhibition online, but put together one  that would make a positive contribution to our aim to highlight  some of the best work being made in the print medium at the moment  

We asked each of the major printmaking workshops in Ireland to nominate two artists from their studio and  we are featuring works from these artists on our online exhibition. In addition, we have invitited a selection from some of the most prestigious print workshops and galleries internationally to also present who they consider to be the most exciting and innovative artists using the print medium today. We asked all involved to make their choice based on the notion of ‘making is thinking’, in other words, to choose art works where print process and concept are intrinsically bound, where the means is integral to the idea.

This online event will be launched in conjunction with Galway International Arts Festival 2021

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