Next Open Submission in 2022

Three Easy Steps


  1. Pay the handling fee via our PayPal account >>>

  2. Note the transaction ID

  3. Submit your images (up to three) via the e-mail link making sure your name & PayPal transaction ID is in the subject line.



The one-off handling fee of 10 Euro for Irish Applicants or 12 British Pounds for UK Applicants per work is to be paid via our PayPal account by clicking on the link above or below. When the payment is confirmed you will receive a transaction ID.


This transaction ID is to be entered into the Subject line of the e-mail along with your name when submitting your images.




This payment is non-refundable.

Submitting Images


1 image per work must be submitted to The artists name & PayPal transaction ID must be stated in the subject line of the e-mail.  Each entry must have the following information:



  • Title of Work

  • Size of Work

  • Price (incl. 30% commission fee)



Each work can be a maximum size of 500 KB per image.  All images must be sent together in one e-mail.  Don't forget the subject matter in the e-mail must have the artists name and the PayPal transaction ID included.