Terms and Conditions for Entering Work to imPRESSions 2021

The impressions committee welcomes new approaches and all forms of printmaking from the traditional to the innovative. All forms of original prints will be accepted including works that have print integrated into the work e.g. sculpture, metal work etc.  However, we stipulate that the medium of print must be the originating process and crucial to the finished outcome. For the purpose of this exhibition, the Impressions Committee define ‘an original print’ as an image that is conceived and executed in the medium of print. Reproductions of work already extant in another medium will not be considered e.g. a photographic reproduction of a painting, even if it is signed and numbered in a limited edition.

Process of Entry

  • To enter, you must complete all sections of the Entry Form and submit an image and details of each work you wish to be considered. Images must be in format and must exceed 3MB. They should be at least 96 dpi and 1920 pixels wide. Incomplete entries or images in other formats cannot be processed.

  • Each artist to submit 2 works.

  • The deadline for submitting the digital photographs of your work online is 23:59 (GMT) on Wednesday 18 June 2021.

  • All works should be original, signed by the artist and numbered, if made in an edition.

  • The online exhibition will launch on 28 August to coincide with Galway International Arts Festival (GIAF) and will be included in the GIAF programme and will continue to be available online to 30 Dec. 2021.